Square bottom kraft paper bag is a kind of strong and durable packaging bag, which is widely used in chemical industry, food, building materials, minerals and other industries. It is characterized by being made of kraft paper with a square bottom, which can be easily stacked and stacked, and is suitable for packaging and transportation of heavy and coarse-grained materials.

We provide a variety of square bottom kraft paper bag solutions to meet the different needs of customers:

1.Kraft paper bags of different specifications

We provide a variety of kraft paper bags, and we can choose the appropriate size according to the customer's packaging needs and material characteristics.

2.Kraft paper bags of different thickness

We provide kraft paper bags of various thicknesses, and the appropriate thickness can be selected according to the customer's packaging needs and material characteristics.

3.Customized kraft paper bag

We can provide customized kraft paper bag solutions according to customer needs, including but not limited to different specifications, different thicknesses, different bottom structures, etc.

With rich production experience and professional technical team, we can provide customers with high-quality square bottom kraft paper bags and excellent after-sales service. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and solutions, and developing together with customers. At the same time, we also attach great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development, hoping to contribute to the protection of the earth together with our customers.