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7*24 hours of counseling service: offering the most effective and fastest service to resolve any problems for customers.

Packing and Shipping

We strictly manage packaging specifications and transportation requirements,Wooden pallets with plastic filmor according to your request.

Technical Support

Production Technical Support
Quality Control and Testing Technical Support
We are very strict about the quality control of kraft paper bags, and we have strict control over raw materials, production process, production line and product testing. We also have a professional quality inspection team to ensure that all the produced brown paper bags meet the relevant national standards and customer requirements. At the same time, we will regularly use professional testing equipment to test the produced products, to ensure the stability of the quality of the goods.
Technical Support
We need a set of professional bag making equipment in the process of producing kraft paper bag making equipment. We can provide customers with technical support for these equipment, including the adjustment and upgrading of the equipment, so that customers can steadily produce high-quality kraft paper bags.
After-Sales Service Technical Support
We have been committed to providing customers with quality service, in the after-sales service is no exception. We provide professional technical training, equipment repair, troubleshooting and other after-sales services to ensure that customers can get a long-term and stable experience when using our products. In addition, we will focus on customer feedback and constantly improve and upgrade our products to meet the increasing needs of our customers.

Purchase Process

Professional service personnel provide you with comprehensive services throughout the process

Factory Made Products
Customer Receipt

Global Market

Baijia was founded in 1996, dedicates to provide integrative paper packaging solution to 500 fortunes and top grade domestic clients.

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