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Kraft Paper Bag Packaging OEM

With years of experience in kraft paper bag production and professional production equipment, we provide OEM kraft paper bag packaging services, can meet a variety of different packaging needs, to provide customers with unique packaging solutions.

The OEM services we offer include

Customization of kraft paper bag size

We can customize the size of industrial kraft paper bags according to customers' different packaging needs to ensure the safe transportation and storage of products and meet the different needs and brand positioning of customers.

The choice of kraft paper bag material

According to different packaging requirements, we can provide a variety of different kraft paper bag material selection, such as white kraft paper, natural kraft paper, high kraft paper, etc., and can be added in the bag or paper in paper between different material of PE film or pe bag to meet the customer's different usage scenarios and protect the needs of the product.

Leather paper bag surface printing

We provide kraft paper bags with high quality printing process, and customers can print Logo, text and picture information according to their own brand and packaging needs. We can handle the surface of the paper bag according to the customer's requirements.

Leather paper bag details

we can provide professional customized services in the opening, bottom, stitching, back and other details of the kraft paper bag, to ensure the stability and safety of industrial kraft paper bag packaging.

Customized Kraft Paper Bag Packaging

Our OEM services can be applied to a variety of fields, such as chemical industry, food, construction and other industries. We provide a perfect after-sales service system, to provide customers with more secure industrial supplies packaging services.

Benefits of working with us

Quality Assurance

We have strict quality management and production process.

Production Equipment

We have excellent production equipment and technical force.

Production Experience

Stable and reliable performance, convenient construction.

Perfect Service

We provide a perfect after-sales service system.

Henan Baijia New Energy-saving Material Co., Ltd.

We promise to provide the best quality OEM service for Kraft Paper Bag Packaging and plastic packaging products and provide the best packaging solutions for our customers. If you want to know more information, feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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