Industrial plastic packaging products are a kind of packaging material widely used in industrial production. It has the advantages of lightness, durability, waterproof, corrosion resistance, and easy processing, and is widely used in various industrial fields, such as chemical industry, medicine, food, electronics, etc.

For the needs of different industries and application scenarios, we provide a variety of solutions for industrial plastic packaging products, including but not limited to the following:

Chemical Industry

For the special properties of chemical products, we provide corrosion-resistant, leak-proof, explosion-proof, anti-static packaging solutions, such as PE/PP containers, IBC container barrels, PE coils, etc.

Food Industry

For the hygienic requirements of food products, we provide food-safe packaging solutions, such as food bags, food containers, etc.

Building materials industry

For the air permeability and moisture-proof requirements of building materials, we provide packaging solutions that meet customer standards, such as valve bags, open bags, sewing bags, etc.

We can also provide customized solutions according to the needs of customers to meet their different packaging needs. With advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, we can provide customers with high-quality industrial plastic packaging products and high-quality after-sales service.