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Sewn Bottom Paper Bag

Sewn bottom bag as known as Sewn open-mouth bag/sack is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They are used to package and transport grains, seeds, pet food, fertilizers, construction materials, and more.

    Product Description

    Industrial Sewn Bottom Paper Bags: Reliable Heavy-Duty Packaging Solutions

    Industrial Sewn Bottom Paper Bags are specifically designed to withstand the demands of handling and shipping in industrial environments. Unlike traditional paper bags, these bags have a sewn bottom reinforcement structure, can be designed as multi-layer kraft paper bags, and can have a PE lining added, increasing their strength and stability.

    Exceptional Strength and Stability:This unique structure not only ensures safe accommodation of heavy or bulky items, but also simplifies the loading and unloading process, making it highly efficient for industrial use.

    Versatility Across Industries:Industrial Sewn Bottom Paper Bags are versatile. From agricultural products such as grains and seeds to construction materials such as sand and cement, these bags provide reliable packaging solutions for a variety of commodities.

    Sewn kraft paper bags have many advantages, including strong load-bearing capacity, excellent abrasion resistance, effective moisture and oxygen resistance, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.

    What can we do for you

    1. We provide you with customized sizes - 20kg, 25kg, 50kg etc
    2. We provide you with custom printing - logos, patterns, product information
    3. We provide you with single-layer, two-layer, three-layer and other multi-layer designs
    4. We offer you a variety of industrial paper bag style:
    • Valve bags (PVSE)
    • Square flat bottom open-mouth bags (SOS)
    • Sewn open mouth bags (SOM)
    • pinch-bottom open-mouth bags (PBOM)

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    Sewing kraft paper bags has the following advantages:

    Strong load-bearing ability
    sewing kraft paper bag material density, can bear more weight, suitable for packaging heavy objects, powder and other items.
    Good wear resistance
    sewing kraft paper bag with smooth surface, fine stitching can improve its wear resistance, not easy to break, help to protect the items in the bag.
    Good moisture-proof and oxygen-proof effect
    sewing kraft paper bags usually have excellent moisture-proof and oxidation-proof performance, which can better protect the items in the bag and prolong the preservation period of the goods.
    Beautiful and generous
    The production process of sewing kraft paper bag is mature, which can make simple, generous and beautiful bags to enhance the brand image and add commodity value.
    Environmental protection
    sewing kraft paper bag is a biodegradable environmental friendly material, environmentally friendly and consistent with modern environmental protection concepts.

    Base Paper

    Bleached or unbleached paper is available, with grammages ranging from 70gsm to 100 gsm. Polycoated plies or HDPE films (High Density Polyethylene) can be incorporated if required for enhanced moisture protection.


    The product specifications of sewing kraft paper bags will vary according to different usage scenarios and needs, the following are some common specification parameters:


    The size of sewing kraft paper bags is generally set according to different needs, and can be customized into a variety of different sizes to adapt to different packaging items. Dimensions are usually customized according to the purpose of the bag and the weight it bears. For example, some bags are used to hold food and require a smaller size to be easy to carry; Some bags are industrial items for large chunks and require larger sizes to carry.


    Sewing kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper, this paper texture is tough, strong tear resistance, with a certain degree of waterproofness, so it is suitable for packaging heavy or easy to break items. In addition, the water resistance of the bag can be enhanced as needed.

    Suture method

    Common suturing methods include four-side sealing, bottom seam and middle or side opening. Different stitching methods will affect the use and carrying capacity of the bag to a certain extent.

    Stickers and printing

    Some kraft paper bags may require additional stickers or pattern printing to add decorative and promotional effects. This requires prior consideration of leaving space in the product specifications for stickers and printing.

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