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Valve Multiwall Paper Bag

Pasted valve multiwall paper bags are available in a variety of sizes, closures and shapes and can be custom printed in up to 7 colors.This pasted valve multiwall bag is an environmentally friendly and durable industrial paper bag packaging solution.

    Product Description

    Pasted Valve Multiwall Paper Bags for Industrial Use: Precision Packaging for a World of Materials

    The unique features of multiwall pasted valve paper bags are their multi-layer structure and innovative valve closing system, making them indispensable in various industrial applications.

    Paste Valve Step End ("PVSE") multiwall paper bags are designed to package a variety of dry flowable products, especially powders and granules, and are a common industrial packaging style. Due to different sealing types, they can be divided into inner valve bags and outer valve bags.These pasted valve multiwall paper bags are usually two-layer paper bags and three-layer paper bags.

    The pasted valve multiwall paper bags we produce are made of food-grade degradable materials. They are not only suitable for packaging industrial and chemical raw materials, but also suitable for packaging agricultural and food and beverage raw materials. Kraft paper colors are available in white and brown and can be custom printed with your business's message and logo.

    What can we do for you

    1. We provide you with customized sizes - 20kg, 25kg, 50kg etc
    2. We provide you with custom printing - logos, patterns, product information
    3. We provide you with single-layer, two-layer, three-layer and other multi-layer designs
    4. We offer you a variety of industrial paper bag style:
    • Valve bags (PVSE)
    • Square flat bottom open-mouth bags (SOS)
    • Sewn open mouth bags (SOM)
    • pinch-bottom open-mouth bags (PBOM)

    If you need to know more information about minimum order quantity、delivery time etc,Please contact us


    High-speed filling
    Valve bags are designed for quick de-aeration and high filling speed.
    Flexible closure options
    The valve can either be self-closing by the pressure of the product, closed by sticking down/tucking in, heat sealed or by ultrasonic, depending on the required level of sift proofness and the need for a clean work environment.
    Optimal palletisation
    Valve bags help ensure optimally shaped pallets, due to sturdy bag constructions. Coatings can be optionally applied to improve frictional characteristics.

    Optional Features

    Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve

    For cleanliness and enhanced product protection

    Easy Open

    Integrated tear-open strip

    Security Label

    Highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label

    Inner Valve / Outer Valve

    Adapt to different canning equipment


    Width180 mm - 750 mm
    Bottom70 mm - 240 mm
    Length240 mm - 1350 mm
    Number of plies1 - 4
    Color printingUp to 7-color printing available

    Base Paper

    Bleached or unbleached paper is available, with grammages ranging from 70gsm to 100 gsm. Polycoated plies or HDPE films (High Density Polyethylene) can be incorporated if required for enhanced moisture protection.


    Pasted valve multiwall paper bags are used for a vast number of applications, primarily in the Cement & building materials (plasters, dry mortar)、Agriculture、Chemical、Food、Pet food、Granulates、Pellets

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